Silerton Tennesse UFO Sighting

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March 31, 2015

Silerton, TN

Report Submitted to the MUFON UFO Database

Tonight I was working in Silerton TN very clear sky. It was approaching daylight soon as I was wrapping up the nights job. Something caught my eye from the NW. A shooting star.. So instantly I looked to that direction and watch the meteor break up into pieces that glowed bright green and had tons of debris coming off of it. It fizzled out and fell below the tree line and out of sight. Pretty neat I thought haven't seen to many of those in my life. I looked down for a moment to place the gear shift in drive and as soon as I focused my sight on the road.

A orb of light shot straight up from behind the tree line exactly where the meteor had fizzled out at. Initially I thought perhaps it wasn't over but immediately recognized this object was going straight up in the air. These events happened extremely simultaneously "bang" "bang" if you will.

This object however continued up and up until it was abundantly clear this was not debris. It had a strange spiral like wobble and I cannot begin to explain the speed this shot up in the air at. As it climbed it remained the same color. Suddenly without slowing down it came to a hover and it illuminated to an extremely bright hyper blue color its light was actually reflecting off my vehicles hood. It then at a rapid speed disappeared behind the tree line and out of sight for the moment.

I turned left onto Fire tower road completed my deliveries on this road turned back North on Silerton road and the object was there again in the distance my distance calculation is just that is say perhaps a mile from position to the direct west. It appeared to be moving how fast I could not judge I couldn't tell at the moment of it was moving towards me or away from me. Knowing I had a different encounter on this same road a few months ago I felt more comfortable with or and dos not panic I chose to keep my eye on but continue my delivery route.

In my rear view mirror I kept it in sight the object moved west to east then moved north directly behind me but quite a good distance between us. At this point had to turn around as I turned around I lost sight of the object due to heavy tree cover. I came to the spot again where I had initially spotted the object i stopped my vehicle and looked in each direction and could not spot it. I started to roll up my driver window and noticed my radio was complete static. Having a nervous feeling I decided to just go home.

As soon as I shifted to drive the object illuminated again the same hyper blue white color this time it didn't climb up it was hovering the whole time in the dark. It appeared to be following me for at least 25-30 minutes and sitting there as I sat there. It lit up and flew to the south east at an amazing but steady speed at least 3x as fast as typical aircraft in the sky. Roughly 15 seconds later my radio came back to life I had not moved from that spot.


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