UFO Sighting in Capitan, New Mexico

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Latest UFO report submitted. Incident occurred on 2015-05-12 at 12:00AM.

Viewed (unobstructed) from my front deck overlooking the valley after watching television early one evening, about an hour after dark. First time, my wife was on the deck and called me outside to see the orbs -- then we heard the jets fly over our area going toward the orbs.

Front Porch View

Front Porch where the sighting took place (no UFO in this photo)

I am a retired corporate senior manager and former combat-zone Air Force veteran; observed 3 to 5 orbs in a "V" formation on 3 separate occasions (no pattern to intervals), all located in the general vicinity of the Captain Mountains Northeast of Ruidoso, NM -- between Carrizozo and Roswell, NM -- above or near the Ruidoso Airport -- over approximately a 90-day period.

1st sighting was clear night sky in late February; 2nd was high-altitude thinly overcast night sky late March or early April. I dismissed the first two events -- but remained baffled at the cause for the sighting -- but wrote them off to "military training" and some sort of new weapons systems.

Both times the orbs were stationary and were east-southeast of my location near Alto, NM; they were NOT falling night-flares, or lights descending or ascending, but had the capability of moving laterally at high speed, then stopping "on a dime". Appeared 1, then 2, then 4, then 3, then 2 then 3, then vanished one after another; with the 1st orb pausing, then vanishing after the others.

Both times the 1st set of two fighter jets appeared shortly after the orbs appeared. The jets were moving at high speed (sub-sonic) toward the orbs, about 1 minute apart, from west to east directly overhead at my location. As the jets appeared to arrive near the orbs they vanished one at a time. The jets made a wide turn from eastbound and headed to the south and left the area. Those two sightings were nearly identical except the 1st event, there were up to 5 orbs in the same location, and the 2nd event there were only 3 orbs (...possibly 4 because one appeared to vanish and move laterally, slightly out of the "V" shape, with slight separation to the east of the other two orbs).

The third sighting on 11 May 2015 at approximately 7:40 to 7:50 pm (MST) was unique. High thin clouds, night sky. Same orange-yellow orbs -- same size, distance, and location in the sky east of my location in Alto, NM. Again, two jets were heard heading west to east overhead (possibly from Holloman AFB) at high speed (sub-sonic)t toward the orbs, roughly 1 minute separation.

As the 2 jets approached, the stationary orbs once again vanished in sequence, with 1 orb pausing, then it vanished last, after the others. They did not move. They simply appeared, one or two vanished for a short period, reappeared, then they all vanished for good -- in no particular sequence. Those orbs did not move from stationary position while they were visible and there was NO SOUND -- nothing in my experience could maneuver like that -- except a helicopter or Harrier-type jet -- but there was NO SOUND except for the 2 approaching military jets.

Still during the ongoing third sighting, as the jets sped east towards Roswell and soon were out of sight (and sound range), two of the original orbs re-appeared in the same location as before -- stationary and silent. It appeared as though the two jets moving eastward must have made a wide, right-hand turn and re-approached the orbs from the south moving northward at same high speed (sub-sonic).

Two additional jets then appeared in the far northern sky estimated over Vaughn, NM area moving south towards Ruidoso, NM (again, not in formation) at a high rate of speed (sub-sonic) and with about a 1 minute separation (estimated 2 to 4 miles apart like the first pair). It dawned on me that they all may have been approaching in that manner for "safety" reasons, rather than flying in tighter formations. The 1st pair of jets had done the same throughout the event. A 3rd orbs became visible in the same stationary position as the other two to the east-southeast of my location.

Then, all of a sudden, two more orange-yellow orbs of the same size and brilliance, and due northwest of the the other orbs, appeared 90 to 100 degrees west of my location -- now there were a total of 5 orbs at two different locations in the sky. They too, appeared suddenly (one first, then the second - not simultaneously - but about 5 seconds apart) due north of my location -- and those 2 orbs sat stationary at approximately the same altitude as the other orbs but at a 45-degree angle from my location.

The second pair of jets that were arriving southbound from the north veered west, as the first pair of jets veered off eastward over the Captain Mountains, once again toward Roswell. Each pair of jets were moving in opposite direction. Then the two stationary orbs directly north of my location moved horizontally at exactly the same moment about a mile westward -- then stopped -- as though "teasing" the jets that came from the north. As those 2 jets moved west then made wide, left-turns headed South, the two orbs "danced" briefly, and then rotated impossibly -- at tremendous speed in a PERFECT - VERTICAL CIRCLE, equal-distance from each other, and each with a very faint tail -- moving counter-clockwise like you were watching the tips of the hands on a clock move backwards (from my vantage point looking due North).

It was a tight vertical circle estimated at 2-miles in diameter. The speed they were moving was impossible (in my experience) -- it was an amazing display! There is no drone or vehicle known in my experience that could do what those two orbs did. They did two revolutions counter-clockwise, then stopped their vertical motion in a stationary, horizontal position about a mile or so apart, then one vanished and the second vanished within about 4 or 5 seconds, later, as the westbound jets turned left again and headed north toward the area of the two "dancing" orbs.

The four jets remained in the area a few minutes after the orbs vanished. Two of them returned northward from the direction they first came; the first two jets to appear on scene, moved Southwest as though headed toward Holloman AFB. The entire event from first sighting the orbs until all the jets were gone and drifted off in the distance (detected by sound) lasted about 15-minutes or less. There was no "hot pursuit" -- in fact, the military jets appeared to be keeping their distance from the orbs -- intentionally. Once again the sky went silent. I live in a very remote area, and when I say "silent" that is exactly what I mean.

I noted that on the first pass by all 4 jets they were sub-sonic and displayed no lights. As they came near to the orbs (say 3 to 5 miles away) they displayed safety blinking lights for the remainder of the event. There was absolutely no sound from the orbs. They appeared, moved, stopped in stationary position, then rotated, and vanished with no sound whatsoever.

My wife witnessed the first sighting -- in fact, she called my attention to it. She was not present to witness the 2nd and 3rd events. I should say, that during all three sightings I did not feel "fear" - however, the orbs moving in the vertical circle was a pretty astonishing sight to see for an old Air Force veteran!

Next time, I will try to film the event if it happens again.

Capitan, New Mexico,

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