NASA Cuts Live Video Transmission as Unknown Objects Appear

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NASA was reportedly forced to end a live stream from the International Space Station as THREE UFOs blasted out of Earth's atmosphere.

This interesting footage is causing quite a stir online.


International Space Station

Some have already branded the clip definitive PROOF of alien lifeforms.

The video – which is reportedly shot from the International Space Station – shows three unidentified flying objects blast out of Earth’s atmosphere.

The lights leave our planet seconds before the live video feed is cut by NASA due to a reported “loss of signal”.

One YouTube viewer commented "BINGO, caught them red-handed".

Conspiracy theorists have already labeled the YouTube clip – which has been watched more than 15,000 times – proof of alien life.

Another viewer wrote on YouTube “That's the kind of proof that is needed."


This video is in high resolution, give it time to download in order to view.


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Mirror of the same video on top (try that link first)

Another posted on the video sharing website: “Cut the cameras more that just confirms its true.”

The NASA footage – entitled “UFO Mysteries: UFOs, Angels Or Biological Creatures Seen Leaving The Earth?” – appeared online earlier this week.

NASA has not yet commented on the flashing lights captured during its live broadcast.

Of course, its possible the YouTube video has been doctored, or the unexplained objects are simply a trick of the light.

But this is not the first time conspiracy theorists claim NASA has inadvertently captured extra-terrestrial activity.

Live streams from the International Space Station have triggered hundreds of viral videos claiming to show proof of alien crafts.

One such clip – posted on YouTube by user Streetcap1 – reportedly shows a small white disc flying near to the space station.

Critics claim the alleged UFO sightings on the live feed are simply down to NASA's poor camera and this latest sighting is likely to be a distorted view of the Moon.


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