A Tale of Abduction

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The Abduction of Betty Andreasson

We live in an age where now most people believe that UFOs are real, and for many it is easier to believe in Extra-terrestrials than in God. This is one of a number of accounts that report supposed 'aliens' are reported to be referring to God, the Bible, and revealing only the slightest level of deception. Why would aliens from another world ever reference such topics?


Granted, no one can know for certain if the account is true, and the family in this story could be lying, hallucinating, mentally ill, or all of the above. However, there seems to be a growing body of respected investigators who have spent their lives researching these abduction accounts that believe these creatures portraying themselves as 'aliens', have a far more insidious, and evil purpose, and are in fact demons. This is one account.


Betty Andreasson

Over 4 million Americans alone have reported being abducted.On the evening of January 25, 1967, Betty Andreasson was in her kitchen at South Ashburnham, Massachusetts. The area had just been hit by an electrical blackout that had plagued the north eastern United States during the 1960s and 1970s. The family rushed into the kitchen to ask what was happening. Andreasson then saw a pinkish light outside. It was getting brighter and pulsating. It turned reddish-orange as well, and everything fell silent including the normal sounds of the night.


Betty's father hurried in and immediately saw creatures outside the window "that were just like halloween freaks" he said, in a sworn statement. "I thought they had put on a funny kind of head-dress imitating a Moon man. It was funny the way they jumped one after the other - just like grasshoppers. When they saw me looking at them, they stopped......the one in front looked at me and I felt kind of queer".


Betty's family were then placed into a state of suspended animation, unable to move. The lights came back on and the four entities passed straight through the solid, wooden door. They wore dark-blue tight-fitting uniforms, which has an insignia on the left sleeve that resembled a bird with outstretched wings. They were 4 foot tall with grey clay-like skin and only three fingers.


It is interesting to note that Betty was a fundamentalist Christian. She at first took the entities to be angels. Her story goes on to state that she took out a Bible and presented it to the entities. 1The first passed his hand over it and suddenly "other bibles appeared, thicker than the original". Betty reported seeing the pages of these new bibles as pure, luminous white.


Betty Andreasson asked the entities why they had come. The reported response was "We have come to help, will you help us?" She also wanted to know if they had come from God. The entities responded that they had come because the world was trying to destroy itself. They needed Betty's help.


Soon she was taken aboard a craft, a UFO where she reportedly went under the classic abduction experience complete with painful medical examination, and being scanned with a device that looked like an eye. Throughout this she heard a voice which was telling her she had be 'chosen' to fulfill a mission. 4Again she wanted to know if this was from God, or the voice of God. At this point she was told that the voice's owner would be revealed to her "as time goes by".


2The voice gave her a message that the 'aliens' "love mankind, and they have come to help. But unless humans could learn acceptance, they would not be saved. All things have been planned. Love is the greatest of all. We have the technology that man could use. It is through the spirit, but man will not search out that portion."


Later that night, a 10:40 p.m., Betty was returned home by two of her alien captors. At home, she found her family still in a state of suspended animation. One being had stayed behind to watch over them during her absence. Then the beings put the family - still under some type of mind control - to bed, and the 'aliens' left.


5Betty reported months later that something took control of her mind that enabled her to see into the future. She also reported being in constant contact with these entities, and that they were telling her that the 'aliens' 3visitation to Earth will herald the second coming of Christ.


Betty later divorced and re-married. Her new husband and Betty both heard angry voices were talking in unidentifiable languages on the telephone. Betty's daughter saw a huge ball of light swirl over her head. On the next night both of Betty's sons were killed in a car accident.


Betty gives an interview 40 years later


1 Altering the text of the Bible by apparently expanding the number of pages


2 Again, these concepts have religious meaning in many ways, and appears the 'aliens' want man to accept them so that we can be 'saved'


3 The appearance of these 'aliens' are meant to foreshadow the return of Christ to the Earth


4 Avoiding the direct question of the source of the disembodied voice as coming from God. The voice would be revealed - later


5 Something taking control of one's mind is akin to demonic possession


Note that the end of this particular account ends with more poltergeist, and or spirit activity, followed by unfortunate deaths, and 'angry voices'. Although Betty reports this overall experience to be a benign, and to her a 'religious experience', she under goes pain and what would easily be quite frightening to anyone.


What if the war between heaven and hell is real, and the UFO and alien phenomenon is a part of that war? Satan, as the ruler of this world, could be sending his Demons in today's widely accepted guise of the alien gray to sway people into believing in ETs and not God. To plant the seed that aliens themselves has created man and not the God of the Bible. Or simply, to make humans believe, they are the God of the Bible.


The book of Revelation does indicate there will be a mass deception in the end days, where an anti Christ with great power will ascend to the world stage to bring a short period of peace before Armageddon.


Good and Evil do co exist, and are at war 24 hours a day. Could it be that your life does have a higher purpose, and that you are not a random product of an unforgiving universe?

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Betty Andreasson

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