Multiple Crafts Descend into Woods in Pennsylvania

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Witness report: Pine Bush, NY and 80+ other places have this same kind – been around for decades apparently (see This type morphs shape from small fireball or plasma-type orange, amber, golden, white, green, etc., spheres or orbs.


Though not seen unless you have night vision binoculars/scope, they avoid detection and come down closer to ground level appearing as a meteor or float down invisible to bare eyes then go bright or blink, suddenly appearing in the sky.


Must be some sort of travel container or traveling porthole perhaps. Sometimes they change shape from this sphere. The end shaped crafts after they somehow transform or shape-shift is typically triangle, square, diamond, rectangle, oblong, oval or a combination – sometimes looking like upside-down pyramid – sometimes have a tail-section trying to mimic our airplanes or helicopters (holograms?) with or without lights that are steady, any color of lights, flashing or not, shape changes while flying which accounts for multiple witnesses describing different details on the same craft.


They usually fly really slow and stay small. The combination of this gives false illusion of being bigger, higher, faster flying man-made craft.


Usually silent, they can sometimes produce a false mimic sound. They have yet to show on radar reports obtained from the FAA– even as a “hit”. Perhaps portable radar like that used in Hessdalen, Norway UFO project might detect them as I believe this type to be the same technology.

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Just like their study, I am trying to obtain a usable spectrum of their light they produce to try to determine their fuel source that produces it.


Their technology is far far beyond ours. I cannot imagine what living being could be inside something that can expand/contract in size to such varying degrees, that that undergoes such high energy bursts and transformations.


It makes us wonder, though, if the creators of the “Transformers” movie is based upon this group of visitors to Earth. What they like in certain areas is uncertain, although mining, communications, and power production areas seem to be attractants as well as highways.


So far, all they do is fly around for 2-3 hours then shrink back down and move mostly west, I assume, to stay in darkness with the Earth’s rotation, since most activity is during the evening hours after dusk. Sometimes a couple hours before dawn they do the same — always shrinking back down into spheres/orbs and shooting back up into the sky the same way they came down.

The large amount of UFOs usually described as ORANGE or AMBER or as "Balls of Light" of rotating multicolor/prism, white, yellow, neon green, blue are ALSO this type == whether solid, blinking, flickering, pulsating or fireball-like. They must get bored looking the same or just like to see if they can confuse us humans more. "Masters of Illusion" is a fitting name. No Earth-bound magician can match what they're doing....

Pay attention to UFO reports submitted (written ones - most are too shocked the first time to record them) that say usually "star-like orb/object moved", etc... followed by "an usual amount of aircraft flying around afterward". Most likely are these "fakers" or UFOs that are PRETENDING/MIMICKING our aircraft looks to fly around without us shooting at them. When our crafts come close, they just dim down and stay still until we pass, then continue on their way. Perfect way to study a war-like planet, if you ask me...

New UFO report (one of MANY describing these lately):
Case Number: 29535
Log Number: US-06132011-0017
Submitted Date: 2011-06-13 19:50 GMT
Event Date: 2011-06-12 00:00 GMT
Status: Assigned
City: Lansing
Region: Michigan
Country: US
Longitude: -84.5555347
Latitude: 42.732535
Shape: Cigar,Star-like,Triangle

I have seen these objects the last 4 nights in a row. Last night was the most insane experience of my life, massive amounts of UFO activity. It went on for 2 hours (10pm-12am) or so, at times there was one hovering directly over my house. Whatever this was knew i was there, and knew I was watching it. At one point I got a clear look at the craft, looked to be cigar shaped silver craft. At one point it just got closer and closer and I was even startled by how close it got and how well I could make it out. There appeared to be something around it that I can only compare to a humming birds wings These things mimic air planes, and stars to avoid detection. As I said I have seen these objects for four nights in a row, so I made it a point to go outside with my camera at half time of the NBA finals game.

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